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The Kiosk Highland Market: Not-So-New Branch

Have you had Kiosk-ing today?

The Kiosk is opened their new branch at Balubur Town Square or just call it Baltos, which we think the building is rather out of the place. They built the wrong kind of building on the wrong area.
I mean Balubur used to be rows of shops that sold stationery and on the behind of that you can find traditional market and because of the construction of Pasupati Bridge, they tore down the place and vacated themto the land near jalan Gelap Nyawang and after the bridge was finished, they started to build a new building to caters old and new tenants. But I guess the strategy was kind of wrong because after the building was opened till now the building still have many empty kiosk.

So, they tried the new strategy, because Bandung is famous for its culinary, they started gather  restaurant to open their branch here like The Kiosk Highland Market and the most recent one was Hoka Hoka Bento and I didn't know why Ace Hardware also ended up opening their branch at this building last week.

Back to The Kiosk Highland Market....

 "Find the Food Court Sensation with European Mountainous Atmosphere"
That is their tag for this branch, so you will feel like in one of European mountain but of course the view most likely the high density settlements on Cikapundung waterfront area. But, I give thumb up for their interior decoration, it is good and relaxing and not like other branches which is too hectic and chaotic. That's why they also opened library with books mostly contain novels and manga for rent in their mezzanine area. And these are the list of the vendors you can find in The Kiosk Highland Market:
  • Nasi bakar Cimandiri,
  • Gado-gado Teuku Angkasa
  • Warung Nasi Raosan
  • Nasi Liwet Jambal Roti
  • Nasi Jenggo Bali Kembar Sari
  • Nasi Bambu Nambu
  • Nasi Gudeg Banda
  • Soto Bandung Soto Po
  • Warung Donburi & Ramen
  • Bebek Van Java
  • Konro Bakar Mekar Subur
  • Bubur Jalaprang
  • Mie Kocok Kebon Jukut
  • Pempek Rama
  • Batagor Abun
  • Ketan Bakar Lembang
  • Baso Tahu Sin Sien Hien
  • Tahu gejrot Pak Raden
  • Pancake Regallo
  • Yoghurt Si Emooh
  • Cuppajoe
  • Es campur Mang H. Ondo
I guess there's a lot of new vendors in this branch, they also had Ramen and Pancake. By the way, Aswin ordered gado-gado Teuku Angkasa, it is one of the famous gado-gado vendor in Bandung even since 12 years ago maybe more. I just ordered es campur because I already had lunch.

Actually, Aswin left his bag at The Kiosk and we just found out later after we drove out the parking area and Alhamdulillah their staffs are honest, they keep the bag at the receptionist and nothing missing. So, that's great and keep the good service!

The place never bored us and the price won't rip you off. Enjoy!
The Kiosk Highland Market
Balubur Town Square
FC - G - 01, Bandung
Ph. 022 844 68 856

The Birdcage look-a-like Interior
The Entrance
The "Mountain" View
The Stalls of Various Vendor
The Waterfall
Another Stalls
The Interior of  European Mountainous Atmosphere

Gado-gado Teuku Angkasa
Es Campur


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