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Bali (Culinary) Trip in July 2012: Halaman Eat & Go, Husein Sastranegara Airport

The time has arrived for us to travel to Bali. We're really excited to go, because it's been a while since we go on vacation trip (although I'm still haunted with the qualifying exam revision and business plan report for Prof. Indratmo).
Just not to repeat the mistake being done when we arrived at the airport late, we decided to go early to the airport. Too early actually, as we arrived three hours before the flight took place! The traffic was really on our side, and we reached the airport in just 30 minutes, compared with the regular time of 1 hour.
As we got time to kill, we decided to visit one of the cafe in front of the Airport. After quick browsing, we decided to try the "Halaman Eat & Go" cafe, as it was fully packed by people (signage of quality?).
Funny thing is, the place serves variety of beverages and meal item, but no snack. Its still 5 pm, and our stomach really not that hungry.
After browsing the menu, and little bit of debate, we ordered the Iced Teh Tarik, Guava Juice, and Baso Tahu Kuah.
The beverages was OK, the baso tahu kuah is also OK, with one special note. They created the baso inverted (check picture)! For taste we give them OK rating, but they deserved a plus point for innovation hehehe...
After drinking and eating here, and with dinner hour approaching, we got a feeling that the new blog post is just around the corner :).


Halaman Eat & Go
Husein Sastranegara Airport
Bandung - Indonesia

The Ambiance

(Literally) Bakso Tahu 

The Beverages
We're so excited! 


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