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Gado-Gado Tengku Angkasa

We drove here after we are finished delivering document to Immigration for Alia's Dad and along the way to ITB campus. We are kinda bit full at that time, and gado-gado came across our mind as alternative for lunch that will not make you sleepy :).
When we reached the place, it was fully packed, but we've managed to grab some seats. The ordering system there is quite a bit confusing at first, but we managed to talk to one of the waiter to serve us two plate of gado-gado, one iced tea with sugar, and one plain iced tea.
The gado-gado was alright, and to be honest, their portion is a bit too big for us. But, it was a bowl of vegetable, so we think it is OK :).


Gado-Gado Tengku Angkasa
Jl. Tengku Angkasa
Bandung - Indonesia

The Interior

The Exterior

The famous gado-gado


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