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Is It Rainbow Cake? at Mrs. Fields, Summarecon Mall Serpong

Is it rainbow cake?

I think this bakery vendor, Mrs. Fields® which we found in Summarecon Mall, decided to have their rainbow cake with no vibrant color we often saw. Their rainbow cake had pastel color with only three color with green, white and pink. So, why they called it rainbow cake? And the verdict for their rainbow cake...mmm...I think I'm not their biggest fans, for us it is just an Ok, also the price not too expensive like other rainbow cake in Jakarta, it's only Rp. 25.000,-

But the bakery seemed convincing, they sold various cakes including muffins and cupcakes, also cookies and coffee, that's why we eager to try the cake. Well, the store actually a famous cookie and baked goods store from United States which has been established since 1977. But, as we browsed through their website, I think their specialty are the cookies.

Well, the place kind of great for hangout with friends and gossiping while sip a cup of coffee and shared a slice of cakes.


Mrs. Fields Cookie and Coffee
Store: 581701
Summerecon Mal Serpong
21 Blvd Gading Serpong

Note: They actually wrote the information about the stores in Ja(r)karta on their website like this

The Packaging
The Store
Rainbow Cake?


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