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Yamatoya (Again!) for Dinner

It's been countless of time since we posted this restaurant vendor in our blog. But still, until now we are not bored to go here again, as their food quality and taste.
This time I have the chance to go to BEC for some errands. So before I go, I took the chance to visit the vendor for dinner.
I ate their Chicken Katsu Karee and Octopus Takoyaki, while for drink I ordered the Berry Boombooster from Fruity. Yummy!


Yamatoya Japanese Food
Bandung Electronic Center (BEC) Food Court
Jl. Purnawarman
Bandung - Indonesia

*Note: they also have opened a new branch in Turangga area. Will go and visit them next time

Chicken Katsu Karee
Octopus Takoyaki


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