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Lunch at Bumi Sangkuriang

It's been a while since we go to Bumi Sangkuriang, and all the sudden during our parents 33th anniversary, Mom's decide to visit Bumi Sangkuriang. Yay!

The place was thankfully quite empty. Usually it's packed either for wedding, reunion, or study tour.

There's one group of Elementary students from Al-Azhar Jakarta who goes here to do an outing, but they do not crowding the place.

Back to the place, they have a restaurant called Concordia. They usually serves Indonesian and Western Foods. The one that is quite unique from them is that their menu is the same, but their display and taste usually changing. We always thought it was because of the chef.

Today, we ordered their signature menu: the bitterballen, the pinacolada, and their iced coffee legoisiae. For main course we ordered the Rib Eye Steak and other dishes.

While Ahyar and Ia wasn't quite fond with their dishes, me on the other hand quite satisfied. They serves the steak medium, which are very unusual for restaurant, as they prefer to make it well done, due to health concerns.

Their display of bitterballen, pinacolada and iced coffee legoisiae are very much different with the last time we visited here. But, the taste is quite similar.

Hopefully the next time we go here, their taste is similar like today.


Bumi Sangkuriang
Concordia Restaurant
Jl. Kiputih No. 12
Phone: P: +6222 2032661 / 2034149

Rib Eye Steak


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