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Our Pilgrimage Journey to Medina and Mecca on January 2014: Elaf Kinda Hotel

After Medina, our next destination is Mecca, the holy land. For your information, Mecca and Medina are the only cities in the world that only Moslem can enter here. In the outskirts of Medina we can find non-moslem, but the inner city is strictly prohibited. The penalty for non-moslem who entered these area are deportation and black-list in the Saudi Arabian immigration database.

Enough with the serious information, let's continue to talk about the hotel.

As our previous hotel in Medina, our hotel in Mecca is also nicely and conveniently tucked nearby the main Mosque, Masjidil Haram. It is just behind the famous Zam-Zam tower, a mega mixed use structure consisted of six internation hotels there, including Sofitel and Pulman, and shopping mall.

In front of the hotel is an array of stores which sells chocolate, dates, perfumes, meals, and supermarket (Bin Dawood).  This restaurant also provides similar services with our previous hotel in Medina, with meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, already conveniently prepared for us here after praying in front of the holy Kabah.

The hotel has two restaurant. One serving International cuisine, while ours serves Indonesian cuisine (as most occupants comes from Indonesia). The food was great. It reminds us a little bit of home actually (with the Kerupuk and others).

One particular dessert that we really loved is their Strawberry Mousse. What better way to energized yourself before doing Tawaf then this delicate yet lite sweet tooth, right?


Elaf Kinda Hotel
Website: http://elafgroup.com/elaf-group/our-businesses/hajj-umrah/our-services/hotel-booking/makkah-hotels/elaf-kindah/

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu


Standard Breakfast Menu (for one or for two?)

Look at the Size of that Egg!

Lunch Menu

There are Rice Somewhere on this Plate...

They Served Kerupuk and Sambal. How Indonesian!


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