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Woontoon Pork Noodle (Contributed Article by Ruben Juliarto)

This posting is contributed by Ruben Juliarto, our beloved friend and regular contributor for Jejak Rasa. Thank you and look forward to hear about your next article contribution bro!

I bought woontoon noddle pork near Ayutthaya train station before I
left Ayutthaya for Nongkhai. The price was 35 Thai Bath or about 1 US
dollar. The noddle was served with woontoon, sliced roasted pork,
vegetable and radish. I thought that 1 US dollar was not too expensive
for one bowl of woontoon noddle becuse I got a lot of woontoon and
roasted pork. Before I eat it, I poured nampla (fish sauce) and
grounded peanuts. Enjoy my dinner before night train ride.

Woontoon Pork Noodle


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