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Padthai on Hatyai, Thailand (Contributed Article by Ruben Juliarto)

This posting is contributed by Ruben Juliarto, our beloved friend and regular contributor for Jejak Rasa. Thank you and look forward to hear about your next article contribution bro!

My Thai friends brought me to restaurant for dinner. It was on Hatyai,
Thailand, near Malaysian border (Bukit Hitam). Well I let my Thai
friends decide what to order, and they agreed to order "patthai" or
mee goreng in Malay or fried noddle translated to English.

So let see what the restaurant served for three of us who were hungry
and thirsty. (please see attachment)
  • three cups of ice, plus glass bottled mineral water.
  • fresh raw vegetables/ salad which were served with ice on it
  • patthai or fried noddle.
Mee goreng were served with shrimps. For condiment, we could choose
white sugar, salty soybean sauce, grounded peanuts, pepper, and nampla
or fish sauce. I poured 3/4 spoon of fish sauce, and my Thai friend
said that I dropped too many fish sauce. I didn't regret it because
nampla is not too fishy or salty. I could taste the freshness of fish.

I do hope someday I visit Hatyai once more and eat patthai again.
Aloiii (delicious in Thai language)

The Patthai

The Ice Salad

The Fish Sauce


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