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My Trip to Malang #2 (Contributed by Ruben Juliarto)

This current publication is contributed by Ruben, one of our close friend at SBM-ITB. This is the second part of his trip to Malang. Enjoy!

Saturday at Malang, I was tired as hell after the Bromo tour. I saw the sunrise at Penanjakan. From Penanjakan I also saw the fog which covered the sea of sand at the bottom. Next destination was Bromo crater, where I took more than 300 steps of stair to get to the top.

So that is the short story about Bromo, Now I would like to tell you the next food place which I had came by. Rawon Ngoling is the name of the food place, located at Jl. Zaenal near Alun-alun Malang or downtown. Rawon is Javanese food which tasted sweet and has dark colour. The beef meats at the bowl were in big chunks and I got my portion of meat a little bit more than I expected. For Rp 26.000, I could say that I was satisfied with one bowl of that rawon. Other food you can get here are soups, gulai (beef soups), perkedel (potato fritters), and otak (brain organ). The unique food that I wanted so badly to try is tempe mendol. Basically the tempe (somekind of soybean dish) was crushed to pieces, and added with more spices, crumpled again back, then fried as usual tempe. Quite tasty, as mendol was given more spices.

So that is my tasty rawon story for lunch.


At night, I had planned to go to Batu Night Spectacular - BNS for short. The weather there was cool, and you can easily reach the place by using private car or motorbike. Travel time was not more than 45 minutes from malang to BNS. The place is full with playing attraction such as: sepeda gila (crazy bicycle rotating vertically), DUFAN's rajawali imitation, and gondolas. I rode the gondola attraction but frankly speaking I forgot the proper name listed there. From the gondola we can see Batu at the horizon. I made guess from the glimpse of light of housing residence.

I had a chance to see laser show at the dimmed BNS food court. According to my girlfriend, the show looks similar to the water show at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta. I saw also the water fountain here below the stage, and heard some Dangdut song. Cape deh.. is the only phrase I can only remember from the song. The roof top was the gigantic screen for projecting digital animation movie of space shuttle.

After the show finished, the food court was lighted regularly again and I could see many food stalls at the corner and the middle. We agree to order healthy green spinach noodle. The noodle was tasty, but I tasted no spinach at all. No more I can tell you about the noodle. I thought to myself that nothing special from this noodle. Hey I had not much choice on such remote food court. FYI BNS was located outside Batu residencies.

When we felt fully back recharged, we went to lampion park. The place was romantic full of unique lampion, statue, and pond. So many people went there and make picture. Before you visit the lampion park, don't forget to bring along your camera. I forgot to bring along my camera though.

I hope you reader can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy the tiring night.

Rawon Ngoling


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