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Another Flavor of Cupcakes in "Disini" Bakery

Ok. I've been telling you about this one little shop in the corner of Cikawao called "Disini" in here. First time, I went there there's only one flavor of cupcake, red velvet, but when I accidentally came to the shop again to pick up Aswin, suprisingly there was four (or three?) flavor of cupcakes: chocolate, orange, cappucino(?), and red velvet. (Note to myself to take picture of the cupcakes at the shop). So, I took one for every flavor and amazingly it was taste good for every flavor but for now my is the ORANGE! My God it is that GOOD! Since it is so good, I forgot to take the picture of the little cupcakes. :D

Chocolate Cupcake
Red Velvet Cupcake


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