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My Trip to Malang (Contributed by Ruben Juliarto)

This current publication is contributed by Ruben, one of my close friend at SBM-ITB. Look forward for your other publications in our blog bro!

I went to Malang last month to attend a conference, so I had the best time to explore this small town. This town is famous for old colonial building, as we can see from the train station as soon as we arrive there. FYI I took the train as my mean transporation to get there, and it took one night from Bandung to Malang.

The first day, my local friend ask me to join breakfast at Kertanegara Restaurant, near the train station, town hall and my hotel where I stay. You can order ordinary food such as nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodle), etc. I ordered nasi goreng and pure carrot juice, which is prepared without adding water or ice according to waitress. The food is good as you may know I had big hunger after long journey. Carrot juice tasted as usual which gave me a sweet taste with a little bitterness.

Other thing worth to mention, the room is quite well decorated, and we enjoy our breakfast outside. Under the tree shade, we enjoy the food and morning breeze although the weather is quite hot. I finished my breakfast as quickly as possible since I had to prepare myself for attending the conference at noon.

After the conference, I and my friends walked down the center of the town. We intended to pay visit at famous oldies restaurant Toko Oen. As we put our foot there, we can feel good oldies times. The room was well-lighted and had been decorated with Christmas accessories such as santa claus picture. Toko Oen Menu was written on old piece of paper. This toko or store was reminding me on Braga Permai restaurant back at hometown. The price is almost the same price range, if we compare Toko Oen to Braga Permai. One piece of steak price is range from Rp 40.000 to Rp 70.000. As far as I can remember, we ordered vis villet(fish fillet), steak tongue, schnitzell. I ordered big bottle of mineral water for Rp 5.000 which can be served for five of us. I think Rp 5.000 price tag for 1,5 litre mineral water is too low for such restaurant.

Ahh that we called it for day, because tomorrow morning -or at night before dawn may be- we plan to go to Bromo mountain.

Kertanegara Restaurant
Jl. Kertanegara No. 1 Malang
Jawa Timur (East Java), Indonesia
Phone: +62 341 366203, +62 341 7044141
Fax: +62 341 418479
Email: info@kertanegararesto.com
Web: www.kertanegararesto.com

Toko Oen
Jl. Basuki Rahmat No 5 Malang,
Jawa Timur (East Java), Indonesia
Phone: +62 341-364052
Web: http://id-id.facebook.com/pages/Toko-OEN-Malang/166606406702941?sk=info


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