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Things We Find at Pasar Kue Buah Batu: Delfiza Cake & Pastry

Bandung is well known for the bakery and pastry places, such as Kartika Sari, Primarasa, Bawean, La Belle, and so on. So, they are favorite place for tourist to buy gifts for their family and friends, but the price quite high since Jakartans the one who swarming those places. I found this place called pasar kue subuh or maybe we called it morning snack market on Jalan Buah Batu, it is near Dunkin Donuts. The vendor provided cake and pastry in very reasonable price around Rp 1000 - Rp 1500/pieces and for the cakes around Rp 20.000 - Rp 30.000.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother asked me to buy snacks for 100 days commemorating my brother's funeral and I went there. In abundance of places, I found this corner of stall who sells quite delicious cake and pastry. The vendor, although have only small logo here, actually have a small industry at home called Delfiza Cake and Pastry. Their cakes looks delicious and after I sampled it, it turned out very well.

Good price, great taste, delicious looking display. What can you ask for more?


Delfiza Cake & Pastry
Jl. Sari Indah VII Komplek Sari Indah Residence Kav. 6
Phone: +6222 702969/ +62 81324087633

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