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Arugula and Apples

Just finished watching our favorite Cooking Show in Asian Food Channel, the "Chef at Home" with Michael Smith. There are two interesting information that I learned from him today.

The first one is that there are a plant named Arugula (Eruca Sativa). Huh? What is that? It turns out that it is an edible plant, and usually called rocket. It is full of vitamin C and contains potassium. For full information you can see the explanation from Wikipedia here. Hmm... Sounds interesting. Be sure to look for it in our local supermarket...

The second lesson that we learn from him, is that Apple is an edible food that can be cooked savory or sweet. There are many types of Apples in the world (more than 100 variants), but in the Cooking term they are divided into two types of Apples: the pie Apples, and the sauce Apples. The pie Apples are Apples that keeps their form after cooked. These types of Apples are good for pies or other type of sweet foods. The second type is the sauce Apples. In contrary with the first type of Apples, these Apples are easy to crumbled when cooked. This way they're good for making sauces.

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