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The Strudel

Yesterday in our grandma house, one of our relatives comes by and brought a box of Apple Strudels from the Strudels.

As it is kind of unique, due to the packaging and its content, we decided to try it.

Strudels is basically pastry-based cake (?) made into layers. The main disadvantages on eating a Strudel in our opinion is the messy crisp layers that are easy to crumbled everytime we tried to ate it.

But for the taste, we really liked it. The apples are fresh and the custard tasted very good. It's definitely worth the second platter.

If you're curious to try, you can visit the shops at Jl. Progo, Bandung. Or alternatively, you can go and visit www.thestrudels.com for more information.

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-Aswin & Alia-
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  1. hi Aswin and Alia...thanks for your review...
    we invite both of you to come and enjoy at our cafe...
    The Strudels House & Cafe
    Jl.Progo No.13A, Bandung
    Telp (022)4241075

    we invite you special, and try our best menu...
    please tell or call me before you come...

    -David Revano-