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Mie Chie Loom (Mie Aceh)

Yesterday, Alia and me suddenly have the initiative to go on a walking trip around our neighborhood early in the morning. Our goal is to take a walking trip, with resting point is this Mie Aceh restaurant.

In here we ordered their famous fried rice, canai bread with milk (weird combination), and martabak. For drinks we ordered cold tea tarik for Alia, and hot coffee tarik for me.

For the taste, the fried rice itself is not as spicy as it used to be. The martabak that I'm eager to expect turns up to be an omelet with (to many) extra shallot. The canai bread is great... but, combined with milk the taste is kinda weird.

For the drinks we give good grades. The coffee tarik tasted great, and the tea tarik... Well... It's okay... Although, still for me the best tea tarik is the ones that I tasted in KL.

Overall, for a kinda good price (around $ 4,00/ Rp 40.000 for all of the foods and drinks) it's worth the money.

-Aswin & Alia-

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