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Warung Talaga: All about Tahu

Warung Talaga is also one of my favorite place -I guess today I publish all my favorite one- First time, I ate here alone. I guess that day I had a bad day, so after class I went to Parisj Van Java (PVJ) alone and then I was so hungry and when I passed Warung Talaga the place was not crowded like usual. So, I try this Baso Bobolokot, it was meatball with spicy soy sauce, nasi bakar bawang pedas and for the beverages I picked es tape. Well, the food was suit my taste.

The second time, I was going here with Aswin. It was the other restaurant at Cihampelas Walk and the space used to be La Petit Paris, the one that we've got 50% discount. The restaurant much more larger than the one in PVJ. So, at that time I didn't plan to have lunch here, because the place was just opened. So, it was more comfortable in here.

Then, I was having dinner here with my family to celebrate my father's birthday and also it was few days before fasting month, so it could be munggahan also. I think the price was okay and the ambient was nice. I think it is great place to hang out with some friend in the afternoon, while eating all kind of food made from tahu. The beverages here is quite unique, there is air kendi and soy milk that I don't know why everyone order this.

And that's why when my friends and I went to Cihampelas Walk, we decided to hang out at Warung Talaga.

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Paris Van Java Glamour level D-12A
Ci-Walk Mall IB-07 LG 
P. 022 7050 1088, 022 7050 1099
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