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Tahu Susu Cihanjuang: The Cheap and The Good!

Is tahu you favorite kind of food? Then you have to not missed this place. This is one place when you can have all sort of food that use tahu with great price and great taste. It is located around  7 KM from Bandung downtown, in Jalan Artabahana, Cihanjuang, Bandung. Well, if you plan to go to Lembang area, you can take way through Parongpong and then you will pass the place. It's near Taman Kupu-kupu or Butterfly Park and also All About Strawberry. Thanks to googlemaps here is the place (with the A sign):

The infamous 'Tahu Susu Cihanjuang' on its besek

Beside tahu susu, they also provide the snack from tahu like tahu chips, basreng, kefir, and so on.You can see the website here


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