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Origin: Restaurant with Healthy Food

Origin is one of my  favourite place in Bandung. It has good interior, great ambient, and great food and it is healthy one. At first I thought it was just a store because from the front of building doesn't tell you "restaurant" and from the glass door you can see the shelves, so you just assumed it is "store" But the front elevation is really interesting. It is simple, fresh, and modern. So, one day I suggested Aswin to see the place. It was around 10 AM and we had just swimming at Babakan Siliwangi. The place like what I thought, it was store...but at the back side voila....it was a restaurant. We were (very) suprised and the interior was kind of IKEA catalogue and then I found out that the furniture all comes from IKEA and they also sell IKEA product. So much for IKEA.

Terrace Area

Cute Stair

 So, we had a brunch there, I think it was sandwich and rosti. Well, I like it, the sandwich had fresh (organic) vegetable and whole wheat bread. *healthy* and the rosti had little salt in it but I think it's great because the one in Marche had lot of butter in it.

Sandwich, Rosti, and Pasta for Aswin
and coffees
After that, I went there couple of times with family and friends and I also recommend this place to all the people I knew and they very surprised also and most of them like the place.

Jl. Sumatera 21
Bandung 40111, Indonesia
P. 022 423 5935
F. 022 423 7984

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri : 07AM - 11PM
Sat - Sun : 07AM - 12PM
Breakfast : Everyday : 07AM - 11AM


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