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Burgundy Wine & Dine: So Far but Close at Heart

I think this is also one of my favorite restaurant in Bandung (area) -considering it actually in Maribaya- I knew the place because of some random tweet from one of my friend on my timeline, she was "check in" at this restaurant and then I kind of curious and clicked the link. It was decided that someday I will went there, but....the place was quite far from Bandung, it's around 45 minutes by car -if there's no traffic jam-. So, I told Aswin about this place and by the time he heard about where it was located. It was a no. But I still wanted to go there.

Then out of nowhere, one day Aswin asked me about this restaurant and we decided to try to go in here. It was Wednesday *I guess* and I had 9 AM class and Aswin had no class. So, at 11 AM we leaving ITB for having lunch at Burgundy. Actually, I didn't know where the exact place at that time, all I know it was in Maribaya area. So, I googled through my BlackBerry and find the address and then guided by BlackBerry Maps to go there via Upper Dago area. -that's why I love BlackBerry- It was 45 minutes trip through the "middle of nowhere" area in Northern Bandung. The streets was small but there was no traffic jam, actually you only saw few cars. 

Well, by the time we got there, the restaurant was just opened and the guest was only both of us. The first impression of the place was GREAT. The buillding and the landscape was well designed, simple yet nice and  the view from our seat are remarkable. It was so serene maybe it was what Bachelard said about tranquility, solitude and contemplation of the place, so we can "dream in peace".

I ordered Bitterbalen and Chicken Wings for appetizer, Spicy Chicken Pasta for main course, and Cappucinno for the beverages. -I forget what Aswin ordered- The food was a good quality and taste great-why they opened place so far, if the taste was awful- So, like in the website says "the guest will have memorable experience" YES, indeed. I hope there would be another visit to the restaurant.  

View from Seating Area
Stair to Outdoor Area
Hot Cappucinno

Dutch Style Chicken Bitterballen served
with French Mustard
Chicken Wings
Crispy Fried and Glazed with Oyster Sauce, Xiao Xing Wine
and Ginger
Spicy Chicken Pasta
Chicken Strips, Mushrooms & Herbed Tomato Sauce
Outdoor Seating Area

On my second visit, it was on my birthday *wide smile* because it was my request to have dinner here on my birthday and of course Aswin agree with this. *tee hee* That day I was having two classes from 7 AM till 3 PM -what a day for birthday-, so that's why we went there in the afternoon. Actually, I kind of reconsider it because it was the third restaurant I visited that day. You can see in here. Because I was so full that time, but at 3 PM, I guess the class had took my energy.

We went there though the same road last time but the difference that there was so many signage point out to Burgundy, even from the Dago intersection, in front of McDonalds. So, I guess we didn't need any map, but there was a shortcut through Pramestha Residence and I found out that Burgundy was part of it. So, that explain why the owner put the restaurant there.

It was the same like last time. There was not a lot of people there, maybe the number of waiter was more than the guest. So, we wonder why so much spaces, maybe it was full of people in the weekend and maybe they have so much spaces so people can held party or wedding in here. The greeter and waiter was so friendly and nice, we thought oh maybe because there was only few guests here. But I think it was nice. They asking whether the food was okay or not. Just nice gesture. Even he offered us the wagyu steak that cost around Rp. 500.000,- *so much money for the steak* Other than the beef menu, the others had standard price around Rp. 30.000,- to Rp. 75.000,- 

I ordered Beef Stroganoff (pasta) and some celery mixed with mango juice. Aswin ordered fish and chips -because he was craving for fish and chips from Fish&Co- and Burgundy Tea, for the dessert we ordered a Rp. 30.000,- triple pudding chocolate with filling.

I had a nice time on my birthday. Great place, great food, and great companion :) 

View from Parking Area 
Cream of  Mushroom
Champignon, Fresh Herb and Cream
Beef Stroganoff
Thinly Sliced US "Black Angus" Beef, Mushrooms
and Demiglace over Buttered Pasta
Fish & Chips
Served with Herb-ed Mayonnaise, Lemon Slice
and French Fries
Celery Juice
*forget the name*
Burgundy Tea
Special Tea with Traditional Herbs Aromatic
and served with the French Press
Chocolate Pudding
Jl. Raya Maribaya No. 163 Lembang
Bandung, 40391 Indonesia
P. 62 22 2787 125, 2787 126
F. 62 22 2786 250
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