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Roppan: The Japanese Toast

The place is located in Cihampelas Walk, Bandung and it is opened recently in Bandung. The restaurant is interesting and when you see the toast, well drooling. It is like the combination of J.Co and Ya Kun Kaya Toast but you just have to experience it or you can see the website first here

The Toasts *drooling*
Kahii Tarik
Grilled Teriyaki

The interesting part of this restaurant, you can say that "God is in detail" I really like that every piece in this place is well design, like on every table and seat there is Roppan logo, the spoons and forks have unique shape, and the paper for wrapping the chopsticks is even cute.
Cute isn't it? :D
Logo on the table
Paper for wrapping the chopsticks

And next time I come here I will order this, sounds yummy....*slurrp* Just like it written "Toast to Happiness"


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