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One Afternoon at Le Marly Pantry

One day I saw my friend's BlackBerry Messenger status "@Le Marly love it!" and her profile picture was the interior of the restaurant. It reminded me one restaurant in Jakarta, Kitchenette at Grand Indonesia (GI). It was the writing on the blackboard style. I thought it was new place for try out.

Yesterday, Aswin had his dissertation proposal presentation, quite a hard day. So, why not we ended the day with something fun and then we had our late lunch here -because the conference that I attended just give me snacks-

So, we went to Jl. Citarum, all I knew it was near Amaris Hotel, but not quite sure the exact spot and surprise it was the place that used to be melayu restaurant.

The front facade of the restaurant was altered and it was gave white paint and some decorations. I think the last restaurant facade was better than this one, but the interior was nice and made me wonder who will clean the dust from all the decorated glass.

It looked like kitchen with all country look cabinets and shelves, a very "big" kitchen. The space was divided into three: smoking area in the front; non-smoking area in the middle; and the enclosed meeting room with glass wall. There's a little garden in the back of the building.

We sat -of course- on non-smoking area near the restaurant toilet. When we ordered the food and looked at the menu, there was no menu for beverages and it was interesting they put the menu on the bottle at the table.

I ordered its specialties, crepes, the savoury one called Galette de Sarasin and picked La rochelle, crepes with beef patties fried egg, caramelized onion, grated cheese mozzarella, mustard mayonnaise and carrot juice for the drink. *try to stay healthy hehe* Aswin ordered Local Beef Sirloin in medium rare served with vegetables, potato and mathre d'hot butter and rum raisin milk shake.

There was variety in the menu, like: salads, soup, galette de sarasin, pasta, pancake, waffles, pizza, savories item, steak -main specialties- and butter rice. Actually it was crepes and pancake place with French ambient.

The price is rather premium, it's about Rp 20.000,- for beverages and Rp. 40.000,- for the foods, the steak with imported meat comes in higher price around Rp. 80.000,- So, my comment for its savory crepes, it was too salty, me didn't like it. It can't be compared with Crepes&Co in Bangkok while the price is almost similar. The steak came in thin slice, so it was not medium rare and the taste just so so. I guess the one in La Cucina it's better that this one and the beef is the same, the local one.So, it was such disappointment. Well, maybe my expectation was too high considering the last time we ate steak was fine dining. I guess the place is great for hangout with friends or family because of the cozy atmosphere but next time I come here maybe I should give it another try and who knows the pancake or waffles is good or the pizza maybe.

Galette de Sarasin - Larochelle
crepes with beef patties fried egg, caramelized onion,
grated cheese mozzarella, mustard mayonnaise
Beef Sirloin
 Local meat cooked in medium rare and
served with vegetables, potato and mathre d'hot butter
Carrot Juice
Rum Raisin Milk Shakes
Jl. Citarum No. 10
Bandung 40114
p. 022 727 35 33
e. LeMarlyCreperie@yahoo.com
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