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Bakso Wonogiri, Taman Jajan BSD

When we go to BSD to visit our house, sometimes we are confused with the simplest questions "What are we going to have for lunch?". And in this particular day, the question did arise again. The first idea that we are having (actually Alia's) is perhaps we should have Es Podeng and Es Doger for dessert. And the best place to have it in BSD is at Taman Jajan (the story will be told in separate blog post). So, there we are at Taman Jajan, strolling to see what to eat. There we finally decided that we should try the Bakso Wonogiri.

Bakso Wonogiri is basically the same with other meatball+noodle vendor in Indonesia. But for me the most different characteristics that it has is because of it's soup. It is very thick and very meaty (not to mention the large amount of MSG plunged there). In overall it makes the dish very delicious and savory. And the perfect way to balance it, is by finishing it up with a cup of Es Podeng or Es Doger. But, as we say, we will cover that up in the next blog post. Meanwhile.. Bon Appetite!

A Portion of Bakso Wonogiri
The Stall of Bakso Wonogiri


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