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Es Podeng & Es Doger, Taman Jajan BSD

Es Doger Taman Jajan BSD
As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the best way to finished a great meal is by having a great dessert. And if you are happens to have lunch or dinner at Taman Jajan BSD, then the best way to finished it is by ordering their famous Es Podeng or Es Doger. There are two vendors there that sells this product, and in our opinion their taste is exactly the same. So it doesn't matter where you ordered it, the quality of Es Doger and Es Podeng there is guaranteed. The only matter that you should be concerning, is whether you will order the Es Podeng, Es Doger, or both :). Es Doger is consisted mostly of coconut and tape/ peuyeum (don't know how to translate that in English) and colored white, while Es Podeng is consisted mostly of coconut, crumbled bread, chocolate muisjes (chocolate sprinkles), some pink jelly, and topped with condensed milk.

Es Doger Taman Jajan BSD
We have constantly argued about which Es is considered to be the best. And up until now we haven't made any solid decision about the winner. So for now it's best for you to just go to Taman Jajan BSD, and try both of the Es. And let us now about which one is the best. Bon Appetite!


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