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Malaysia (Culinary) Trip: Pappa Rich

Malaysia maybe not the kind of country that famous for it's culinary. When we heard Malaysia then we will remember about teh tarik, nasi briyani and so on. We could find it easily in Indonesia, why we have to go to Malaysia? But like all stories that we were write in this blog. It is all about experience, while the food is the same, but the location is different and it is all about spirit of the place will enhance your experience. 

In the beginning of December last year, while the end of semester exam not even started yet, we had some opportunity to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We went there for five days and four nights and we stayed at hotel on Jl. Bukit Bintang, where most of Indonesians stays. So, here is our visit to Pappa Rich restaurant. We went there twice, the night we arrived in KL and the last day of our stay because the restaurant is closed to our hotel.

Hmm....when you see the logo, kind of remember something? Yeah, Roti Boy but actually there's bread that have the same taste with Roti Boy which is called Pappa Bunz. I found the counter in ITC BSD, Tangerang. So, Papa Rich was like typical of restaurant which sold Malaysian's Culinary like Noodle, Nasi Briyani, and so on, they had so many variety of foods and beverages in their menu, so it's rather confusing. But the restaurant open till midnight and surprisingly there was no thing such as last order in here. Verdict: Yeah...Just Ok.

1st: December 1, 2011

The restaurant from Jalan Bukit Bintang
Apparently, people like this restaurant
Only 1 chef? No wonder we waited so long for the food
Steam Bread with Peanut Butter (4.80 RM)
ABC Special (7.90 RM) with Steamed Bun (6.80 RM) in the Back
Curry Laksa (10.90 RM)
Chicken Wings (5.80 RM)
Teochen Chicken (5.80 RM)
Ice Chocolate (7.90 RM)
Longan Milk (7.90 RM)
Mineral Water (2.80 RM)

2nd: December 4, 2011

The cover of menu
Barley (4.80 RM)
Matcha Rocks (12.90 RM)
Wholewheat Bread with Sarikaya
Coffee Ice (4.50 RM)
Fried Rice Special (10.90 RM)
Ketupat (5.50 RM)
Pappa Rich
Jalan Bukit Bintang No. 22 & 24
55100 Kuala Lumpur
p/f. 03-21449928
e. papparichcb@gmail.com


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