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South Korea (Culinary) Trip in November 2012: Korean Snacks

What interesting from South Korea is their snacks. We always bought some when we did groceries at Setiabudi Supermarket and Papaya Supermarket in Bandung. Surprisingly, the price wasn't quite different with the one sold in Indonesia, but of course there were so many selection here that we couldn't find back home. We like the banana milk, and they came in different packages and brands.

After we had taken a walk to the nearest beach in Sokcho, then we came back with different route, and behind the hotel we found supermarket that still open. Therefore, we shop various snacks from chocolate, chips, drinks, and so on. There also some snacks we've got for free from our tour guide. It was choco pie and other snacks which look like teng-teng and chocolate crunch, but overall they're good.

Snacks from Our Tour Guide
The Infamous Banana Milk
Various Snacks and Drinks that We've Got from Nearest  Supermarket

Banana milk...something that we'll be missed
Another banana milk
Tteokbokki chips
Late night snacks
Their steamed corn, the taste was quite different


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