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South Korea (Culinary) Trip in November 2012: Breakfast at The Class 300, Sokcho

This was my review of Class 300 Hotel posted in Tripadvisor

"Our travel agent picked this hotel for our trip in South Korea because we had to visit Seoraksan National Park in the morning. The room is spacious, and it was completed with seating area near the window. The bathroom is quite spacious, there are bath tub and shower area, also water closet accompanied with automatic washer with remote control and hair dryer. There's also a window with clear glass in the bathroom to the other room, but they provide the roller blind.

The hotel near mini mart, 711 on the left and across the street and GS 27 on the right near the junction, there's also supermarket behind the hotel. Our tour leader said that the wireless connection only available in the lobby but somehow at our hotel room in the third floor there's also wireless connection  that we could use.

I visited this hotel on November during winter time, so I turned in the Air Conditioner until 30 degrees Celcius, but I guessed the heater not quite good. Therefore, it felt very cold in the morning. There's also some stain in the carpet and sofa, so for me the hotel just OK, and I don't know why but the room kind of creepy or maybe it just me, thank God I just spent one night here.

The breakfast buffet also average but the breakfast room has quite stunning view to the bay. So, this hotel not that bad."

The Class 300
1288-22 Joyang-dong, Sokcho
Gangwon-do 217-811
South Korea

The Entrance in the Night
The Class 300 from the Street
The Entrance in the Morning
The Room #1
The Room #2
The Room #3
The Bathroom #1
The Bathroom #2
My Version of Healthy Breakfast Completed with Milk and Yakult 
Another Portion. This one not Quite Healthy.
View from Breakfast Room
The Buffet #1
The Buffet #2
Seating Area
The Buffet #3
Breakfast Room with View Overlooking the Bay


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