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South Korea (Culinary) Trip in November 2012: Breakfast at Kangwon Land Hotel, Pyeongchang

We stayed one night in this hotel, and we had to leave early in the morning because we wanted to have more time in Everland. The hotel is a ski resort, though we didn't any snow at all and they had casino in it. After we had arrived in this hotel, we went to our room for a while and then we took a tour inside the hotel (well, because freezing outside). This hotel HUGE! They had many entertainment places beside the casino like cinema and so many restaurants, but obviously Korean come here for their casino. We wanted to take a picture in front of the casino, but it was forbidden, so we took snap shoot in front of Jumbo Machine. According to Korean Tourism WebsiteKangwon Land Casino was Korea’s first ever casino to allow the admission of Koreans. It was established under the ‘Special law regarding support for the development of abandoned mine areas,’ which was passed in 1995 with the purpose of resuscitating the economy of such abandoned mine areas. Kangwon Land is a hotel resort with 199 rooms at present, priding over its superior casino facilities with 960 slot machines and 100 tables. Kangwon Land Casino has skilled dealers and serves free beverages to players.

In the morning while the breakfast room still empty we were having breakfast, and they had many selections of food, it remained me the one in Shangri-La hotel, Jakarta. Well, first I always took salad and some other healthy food like yogurt and then tried the other one like a pancake and pasta. They were good and their coffee also quite good. Too bad we had to leave this hotel early.


Kangwon Land Hotel
Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do
South Korea

My Breakfast Set :)
The Lobby Area
The Corridor between Rooms
The Cinema
The Room #1
The Room #2
The Room #3
The Bathroom #1

The Toiletries
The Bathroom #2
The Pantry Area
The Breakfast Room #1
The Breakfast Room #2
The Buffet Area #1
The Buffet Area #2
Selection of Fruits
Salad Bar
Selection of Breads
Healthy Foods
The Buffet Area #3
Waffle, Pancakes, and French Toast
The Buffet Area #4
Salad and Yoghurt
They had GOOD Coffee!
My Other Breakfast Set
In Front of the Casino. The Only Available Place to Take Picture
Outside the hotel. You could see the snow far away out there...
Everland entrance
In front of Pororo shop
The beast "T-express". This was the most great roller coaster I ever rode,
 and it was made from woods.
Adrenaline rush
Group photo!


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