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Gift From Malang: Manisan Nangka & Rambutan

As we mentioned quite often in our blog, one of the reasons why we love having a large family pool, is we often get treats from families when they visit other places. And today is similar.

Our nice sister-in-law, who just got back from a conference in Malang City, have bring us these nice snacks: Manisan Rambutan and Nangka. For those of you not familiar with Manisan, it is a preserved fruit snack that often being found in several cities all around Indonesia. The most famous ones comes from Cianjur city, with Salak and Mango often being the most like able fruit to be preserved.

So when we found that Rambutan and Nangka (Jack Fruit) are also able to be made into Manisan, we are excited. The taste itself is quite nice.

 photo IMG_20140127_080421_zps214ec33c.jpg
Manisan Rambutan & Nangka

Hopefully soon they comes up with our favorite fruit to be preserved: Durian :).


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