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Banh Dau Xanh Gia Bao

We are excited to find that Ruben, our long (sorta lost) contributor who are taking his 2nd (!) degree in Economy (!!!) in China, has returned home, although just for a while. With that joy (and four boxes of mint Lenovo battery that we have ordered to him. Thanks Ruben ^_^ !), I quickly comes and visit him in his house.

As we chat and catching up. Suddenly he is serving a snack with these words inscribed in the box.

 photo IMG_20140120_142632_zpsf724e06b.jpg

Banh Dau Xanh Gia Bao



It took me a while to even familiarizing myself with how to read it. Ruben just shrug his shoulders, putting a large smile in his face, and said to me: "No questions! Just eat it. I am sure you will find the taste familiar"

Taken aback with his challenge, as an famous and world class amateur food writer
enthusiast I quickly devoured the squared sized mini snack.

Familiar taste indeed, as it tasted similar to Koya cake, a peanut based cookies in Indonesia. Ruben explained that he bought the snack en route during his travel to the border of China & Vietnam, and it is basically a Koya, but with a twist of green beans that replace the traditional peanut recipe.


A quick glance on Google takes me direct to the company website...



And it still does not shed additional explanation for me. 

Well, as Andrew Zimmern used to say in his famous line: "If it looks good, then eat it!".


Banh Dau Xanh Gia Bao
Website: http://www.giabao.com.vn/gl003/d2011p/11108/24693/Hop-24-dau.aspx


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