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Langkawi (Culinary) Trip in April 2013: Fruit Vendor in Langkawi

As today we have a free day before tomorrow's presentation, we might as well tried to stroll around the area to find unique places. As the pavement was well designed, and the weather was great, we decided to take a walk.

Along the way, we encountered this interesting fruit vendor. Located just across Simpang Tiga, the vendor sells various fruit, including water lily mango, mangosteen, sliced melon, durian, and the ever exotic name of Banana in the skin.

We liked the mango in particular, as it is more kinda of Thailand Mango, compared with Indonesian mango. Sweet and yet quite firm. In just a second we downed almost three mangoes. Yum.

I wonder if they sell these mangoes in Bandung?


Langkawi Fruit Vendor
Simpang Tiga, Jalan Pantai Tengah, Kedawang
0700 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia

 photo IMG_4182_zps94740e7a.jpg
Water Lily Mango (Class A)
 photo IMG_4184_zps06f3f729.jpg
 photo IMG_4181_zps7b5ee52f.jpg
A Line of Water Lily Mangoes
 photo IMG_4185_zps8855abe2.jpg
Learning to cut the Mango from the Boss :)
 photo IMG_4192_zps2612d08a.jpg
Store Exterior
 photo IMG_4183_zps7b20aeba.jpg
A Line of Water Lily Mangoes #2
 photo IMG_4186_zps6cd36fc9.jpg
Looks Delicious, Isn't it?
 photo IMG_4188_zpseddb8aea.jpg
Watch Your Hand!
 photo IMG_4187_zps05d3a2c0.jpg
Sliced Melon
 photo IMG_4189_zps6b7a80d5.jpg
Very Dangerous Cutting Method! (Thank God Nothing Happened)
 photo IMG_4190_zps4f11098a.jpg
Banana in WHATTTT???
 photo IMG_4191_zps0535ac72.jpg
Durian: Either You Loved it or You Hate it!


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