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Cuisine Francaise Authentique at Paris Villages, Setrasari Mall

We have not eaten a great French food for quite some time. We think the last time we ate french cuisine in Indonesia, is when we went to Bistro Delifrance in Jakarta in 2011! Wow, almost 2 years.

We did though ate some great quiche a while ago, courtesy of the nice people in OuicheID. So it is a revelation for us to have a French Restaurant opened in Bandung.

We think aside from the cafe in CCF Bandung, Bandung does not have any specific French Restaurant. Just like Soleluna who sold Spanish cuisine, we think this place is really exciting.

Starting from the clear welcoming facade of the restaurant, we already feel that this is a great way to have a nice evening. Today we are accompanied by our friend who are happened to enjoy traveling and food, Dibja and our nice and lovely close friend/ lecturer/ architect/ traveler/ foodie/ anthropologist Mbak Indah.

When we entered the restaurant, it was quite empty, but suddenly the chef walked in and greeted us in French.

"Bon Jour!"

Hehehe... We replied back with our Sundanese accent: "Bon Jour to you too, Sir!".

He direct us to our seating and quickly serves the menu. We looked at it, and we were looking at each other: the menu only serves beverages, while we are really hungry at that time. Do they serve food here?

Not less than a minute, the chef quickly pulled a big blackboard and begin to explain us about the food menu. Now, that is impressive! The presentation really adds create a special twist and additional appreciation for customers. We liked the place already!

He patiently explains to us each of the menu and answers all of our sometimes funny, inaccurate, and innocent questions. One particular question that we remembered is about the caviar menu. Do they really serves caviar in a salad? He quickly pointed out that it is  french cuisine, which involves, pickled zucchini marinated in cheese. Hmmm... No caviar, but anything marinated in cheese must be tasty! ^_^.

After a while, we quickly ordered several foods and asked them to be served in the middle for sharing. We ordered the Quiche Emmental (Cheese Quiche), Gratin Oignons (Famous French Onion Soup), Caviar de Corgettes (Pickled Diced Zucchini in Cheese Marinate), Beef Filet with Blue Cheese Sauce, and a couple additional french bread. For dessert,  we ordered their Creme Brulee Cafe. For drinks,  we opted for Kir beverages (traditional French Apple Cider). Dibja ordered the Cafe Au Lait and Mbak Indah ordered their Gin.

The foods were served in order, and we quickly dig in. Wow, it was really excellent! We think that their foods are very French: it were seasoned well, presented nicely and with full attention to detail.

Due to the atmosphere and great company, we stayed there for almost three hours. Really enjoying the time we spent there.

Not long then the owner came, and we talked with him for more. He talks about his passion for foods, for Bandung, for french cuisine, and more. The discussion really adds a lot of dimension and knowledge for us about French cuisine.

Too bad we need to end our day there. But rest assured, we will go here again soon!


Paris Villages | Cuisine Francaise Authentique
Setrasari Mall Blok B4 No. 98
Jl. Surya Sumantri
Bandung - 40163
Phone: +6222 2006958
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Paris_Villages
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ParisVillages

 photo 1401278_10202457897548118_662607951_o_zps52eb1866.jpg
Happy (Hungry) Faces!
 photo 893579_10152010224166796_1153961192_o_zpsb3937d26.jpg
The Appetizers
 photo IMG00202-20131103-1223_zps1767ca09.jpg
French Bread, Fresh From the Oven
 photo IMG00201-20131103-1223_zps21eab38e.jpg
Caviar de Courgettes
 photo IMG00200-20131103-1223_zpseee2bf8a.jpg
Gratin Oignons
 photo IMG00199-20131103-1223_zps73e0b512.jpg
Quiche Emmental
 photo 2013-11-03_12-43-48_zpsfcb5d34b.jpg
Beef Filet
 photo 2013-11-03_13-05-35_zps9735f751.jpg
Creme Brulee Cafe
 photo c877c4b9-7a4d-4518-a762-088051f385ee_zps0b1bfc4f.jpg
Kir Bretong
 photo a796134c-00d7-4d63-ba90-3b1b22e6a7da_zps127292c5.jpg
The Chef Introducing The Menu
 photo 1383457161577_zpsc77e79be.png
Cafe Au Lait
 photo IMG00198-20131103-1217_zpse6d64b3c.jpg
The Interior #1
 photo IMG00197-20131103-1217_zpsac61459c.jpg
The Interior #2
 photo IMG00196-20131103-1211_zpsa897d767.jpg
The Beverages Menu #1
 photo IMG00195-20131103-1211_zps2196afde.jpg
The Beverages Menu #2
 photo IMG00185-20131102-1312_zps56818332.jpg
The Outlet Facade 
 photo 97c4e972-dd1b-42ad-b8fc-a97d57381d4c_zps6e11a2fe.jpg
The Outlet Sign


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