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Healthy Snack at Papaya Fresh Gallery Supermarket

There are so many supermarket in Bandung that are serving snacks in their location. After more than three years living (again) in Bandung, we are able to map our which are the best snacks to be found in a particular supermarket.

In Papaya Supermarket, one of the main attraction when shopping here is their snack bar. It is located in a row near the cash register. Easily a Japanese snack heaven in Bandung. You can find Japanese Croquette, Chicken Katsu, Sushi, Onigiri and some refreshing beverages there. For snacks in a particular time of the day (after 8 pm if we are not mistaken) they also holding out discount hour for the snacks here. No wonder when we arrived in this place after 7 pm sometimes it is difficult for us to find parking lot here :).

Oh, and also inline with the Japanese style cooking, most of the snacks here are cooked with healthy oil. Great for us! Who are not loving snacks but presented in a healthy way, right?


Papaya Fresh Gallery Supermarket
Jalan Sukajadi 201
Phone: +6222-2038878

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Look at All of These Snacks!
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Yogurt Anyone?


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