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Things We Find In Car Free Day Event: Kue Balok

We love going to car free day event. For those of you who are not familiar with the Car Free Day event, it is an event held for a half of day in Bandung, where some specific road(s) are closed for cars and motorcycles. The road(s) usually then filled with activities such as aerobics, dancing, music performance, and amateur vendors.

There are currently two Car Free Day events in Bandung, held in Buah Batu and Dago area. Currently Alia is visiting the one in Dago area.

Here we can find a lot of vendors selling traditional snacks and foods such as cookies, fried snacks, beverages, up to the more western foods such as grilled sausages, tornado potato fries and burgers.

One particular snack that we encountered in CFD Buah Batu and Dago is this one: Kue Balok. Traditional cookies made using (almost) similar dough with Pancake Batter, and usually serves with sugar frosting on top. Keeping up with more modern twist, now they serves them with raisin, chocolate chip, almond, and one of our favorite toppings: cheese.

With the price of Rp 5000 (USS 0.4) per 3 pcs, it is a great bargain. Accompanied with a good cup of coffee, this combination can really lighten up your day.


 photo IMG00194-20131103-1000_zps80783a7c.jpg
Kue Balok with Raisin Topping


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