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Our First Bazaar Stall!

Over the time, me and Alia has always dreamed of opening our own bakery/ coffee shop/ restaurant. But as we both currently only have the skill of eating out, then we agree that we make a baby step towards it.

One of the opportunity for it came when a Bazaar was held in Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Bandung, celebrating their 90th anniversary. We rent a place there and joint forces with our sister-in-law, Maya, who are excelled in making traditional Manado dishes.

We wanted to make it a slow but sure start. So we decided to sell Panada, a traditional Manado snack made from pastry dough with chicken/ tuna filling. To accompany it, we prepare three other cookies consisted of fried Lumpia, Fried Bread with Beef filling and sweet rice chocolate brownies. Also inline with our cautious behavior, we only prepared a total of around 120 pcs of cookies.

In this bazaar we are targeting two objectives: the first one is to test the market about the possibility of this becoming a regular event for us, and secondly is to promote our new website: www.jejakrasa.com.

And boy we are dead wrong to play cautiously...

Almost 5000 people are attending the bazaar, and quickly we are overwhelmed by the crowd. It took us only around 4 hours before almost all of our cookies are sold out, with the Panada become the main attraction for sales.

Glad but slightly disappointed, at 12.30 pm where other vendor are still busy selling their product, we quietly packed our stuff and close our shop. Today we made a promise that if we have the chance to do it again next year, we might play more aggressively and sell more items and Panadas :).

Well, regret always comes late, and good thing is that we can continue to go around the bazaar area to spend our not-so-much revenue hehehe...


90th Anniversary of RSHS
Jalan Pasteur

 photo 2013-10-26_17-18-14_zps0905c57a.jpg
Calm Before The Storm
 photo IMG-20131027-02197_zpsc1d135a0.jpg

 photo IMG-20131027-02198_zps0d71b61e.jpg
Other Cookies
 photo IMG-20131027-02196_zpsd286ad54.jpg
The Pretty Sales Representatives of Jejakrasa Stall
 photo IMG-20131027-02209_zps80e34086.jpg
Sold Out!
 photo IMG-20131027-02211_zpsfb120fd1.jpg
Special Guest by The Indonesian Ministry of Health


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