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Breakfast at Warung Pasta

While waiting for Alia at Sunday's Car Free Day event, I've decided to continue my work on one paper which is due on Monday (just another day of a PhD student). Since I'd be needing a power outlet, while in ITB (especially in Architecture) freely power outlets are rare to find, Warung Pasta become the closes alternative to go.
They served a breakfast menu which consisted of one main course and drink for the price of Rp 15rb. For main course, you can choose between pasta, pizza, pancake or parfait, while for drink you can choose between coffee, chocolate, or tea. I've decided to go with the Lasagna + Cappuccino combo.
For that price I got to say it is pretty affordable, and you can have a hearty breakfast. So Enjoy!

Their tagline

Hot Cappuccino


Warung Pasta
Jl. Ganeca No. 4
Twitter: @warungpasta


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