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Pino Pizza

An alternative for Pizza Lover! There's a new player in town to challenge the pizza emporium in Bandung. To be specific in South area of Bandung, where they already have Cafe Asix, Cafe Milan, and the more mainstream Pizza Hut. It is the Pino Pizza!.
Located just across the corner of Pizza Hut Buah Batu, this vendor boldly open and challenge the established Pizza Hut. Armed with more faithful Italian dish, it was an oasis for those of you who are longing for more traditional Italian pizza, not the mainstream one.
Bon Appetit!

The Outlet
The Signage* 

The Interior #1*
The Interior #2*

The Kitchen*

The Smoked Beef Pizza*

The (Very!!!) Spicy Garlic & Cheese Spaghetti*

Iced Lemongrass Lemon Tea*

Funny But Delicious Kiwi Juice*

Their Signature Pino Breeze*

Full and Happy!*

*Thanks to Anya (@sitikania) for the additional photos. You can also check her blog here

Pino Pizza
Jl. Buahbatu No. 140
Twitter: @pino_pizza


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