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Lotek next to Griya Buah Batu

We finally found the vendor name and phone number ^_^.
Check the revised detail (italics) in the address section.


We titled the subject like that because until now, we always forgot the name of the vendor (dooh!). Have promised ourselves to remember their name in our next visit. We recommend this vendor as alternative for those of you who would like to have a vegetable dishes in Buah Batu area. Enjoy!

The front facade of Loteh & Juice Buah batu
The interior
The cashier corner
The menu
The lotek (what left most of it :P)

Lotek Next to Griya Buah Batu (Lotek Aneka Rasa)
Jl. Buah Batu next to Griya Buah Batu
Phone: +6222 7303300


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