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Arin Kebab, Batununggal Indah

Found this vendor this morning when we are travelling to Batununggal Indah area. The place is very secluded, and easy to be missed, but thanks to our sharp eye (and our empty stomach), we've managed to take a look at their signage. It looked like they just opened their store, and what surprising is that the morning they already have another customer purchasing the Kebab. Wow!
Their taste is OK. Like other kebab vendor such as Doner and others, they have the signature rotating meat rack. For the price of Rp 12.000 you can have a delicious Beef & Cheese Kebab. Their size is a little bit smaller compared with Doner and other, but enough if you want to have a quick bite along the way to the office. For alternative breakfast option in Batununggal Indah area, you can try and eat this. Enjoy!
The front facade of Arin Kebab
The kebabs on a pan
The Wrapping & Logo
The kebab

Arin Kebab
Jl. Batununggal Indah I No. 22
Ph. 022 7038 2948


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