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Jenang Kudus Anyone?

One of dad's colleague sent this snack to us few weeks ago. I don't know what inside it, but it seems that Alia liked it. It tasted like dodol from Garut region. After short inspection, I found out that there are several factories that produce this Jenang Kudus, and all of them have their own cool website. I guess this product has gone International. Cool!

Jenang Kudus Mubarok (Back Package)

Jenang Kudus Mubarok (Front Page)

Jenang Kudus Mubarok
CV. Mubarokfood Cipta Delicia
  • Jl. Sunan Muria No. 33 Kudus 59313 Jawa Tengah - Indonesia
  • Telp : 62.0291.432606
  • Fax  : 62.0291.446478
  • Email : info@mubarokfood.co.id
  • Website : www.mubarokfood.co.id


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