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(Culinary) Trip around Bandung with Christa: Warung Kopi Purnama

On one beautiful Thursday on last month's long weekend, we decided to have ours culinary trip around Bandung, as there are so many places that can be visited here. This time, we decided to take Christa, one of our new friend from Holland to go along with us. First we planned to have five places of interest, but considering the time (and our full belly condition :P), we only managed to get four. Still 80% statistics is not bad right? :P

We picked Christa around 08.30 and drives straight to Warung Kopi Purnama. It is an old coffee shop in Jl. Alkateri. It is famous for their coffee and rolled sandwich, and also because it is an unique melting point between local dwellers and artists/ art worker around Bandung. In fact, one of our lecturer, who happened to be an architect, launches his book in this coffee shop.

So if you are around Jl. Alkateri and needed a coffee, just drop by here. Who knows you'll find an artist/ art worker around here (including us :P) hehehe...

Warung Kopi Purnama
Jl. Alkateri 22
Bandung - Indonesia

The Signage

The Cafe (Christa is very tall girl!)

The Menu

The Interior

The Interior #2

Hot Black Coffee

Roti Gulung Telur + Ham (for Christa)

Roti Gulung Telur (for us)


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