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Manado Cuisine Anyone?

When I was living in Bumi Serpong Damai or we just call it BSD, satellite city in the Western part of Jakarta and actually included in administrative area of South Tangerang, I liked to go to pasar modern, mostly in the weekend to find breakfast.

So, one weekend we spent it in BSD because on Sunday we had to come to family gathering, actually arisan at De Latinos. We had this crazy idea to walk from our house to Pasar Modern which we found out later from Google Maps that the distance around 2.8. km. So, yeah, we're kind of exhausted when we arrived at Pasar Modern and breakfast please because our stomach start to growl.
So, we searched for the bubur ayam gaul but forgot where the stall was, we just circled around and stumbled at this stall that sold Manado cuisine and snacks, there were a lot of people there, so I guess it was good. I kind of missed Manado cuisine because last time I went there around 6 years ago and Manado food for breakfast then.
Aswin and I had Cakalang fried rice, I opted for the spicy one, and when I tweeted about it @dianputi said that it was crazy option to have something spicy for breakfast, but I think my stomach was quite strong, I always had the bubur and kupat tahu with addition a lot of sambal, and then My mom (in law) choose bubur Manado. I think we also missed Manado snack, because we bought almost everything from Klaapertart, Panada, Apang Coe, Lalampa and so on, and everything taste good or maybe because we're hungry :D But no we took it home and it still great.
After we had breakfast, we strolled around the Pasar Modern and found out there were few places sold Manado cuisine, so I guess it was trending now or maybe there was growth of Manado population here in BSD. And I got Sambal Roa, that's my favorite one.
Craving for some Manado cuisine? Just come to Pasar Modern in BSD or maybe you can find your favorite food there...

Sulawesi Spesial
Kue & Masakan Manado
Pasar Modern BSD
Jl. Letnan Sutopo, Serpong

The Signage
The Buffet Menu
The banner shows variety of foods from Manado
Seating area
Cakalang Fried Rice. Hot & Spicy!
Bubur Manado
Apang Coe
Apang Coe Bakar


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