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(Culinary) Trip around Bandung: K99 Curry House at Pasteur Food Market

Ok, it was the 4th time I was eating Indian food in the same restaurant but different branch, here is the post. We were here because Christa told us that she haven't try Indian food before, Icha and Anya also want to try Indian food here at K99. This restaurant was a plan B, at first we planned to go to Sumber Hidangan for ice cream but hello...the place was closed. We were rather confuse with the opening hour of the place. Since last time we came here with Christa, the place also closed. My guess was the place closed on holiday and Sunday. Weird, isn't it? While everyone keep their business open on Sunday, the owner just decided to take a break. Well, restaurant owner is also human, right?

While we're heading to Sumber Hidangan, we passed the new K99 Curry House new location on jalan dr. Radjiman and there were banners and everything, so we thought the place was already open. But, no, they just moved today so the place wasn't open yet. But luckily we met the owner, he was Indian descendent but actually Malaysian. He already had Indian restaurant in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. He told us why he opened such restaurant in Bandung, he also said that he tried to make the Indian food more suitable for South East Asian people and it make sense for us since the taste quite different with usual Indian food, more delicious.

Then, after talk a little bit, we're going to the restaurant branch at Pasteur Food Market. We were so tired and Anya said we had the journey from 6 am till 6 pm, no wonder we were exhausted. We ordered Samosa for appetizer and had Naan, Chapati and Canai complete with Chicken Tandoori and Curry. For the beverages everyone choose Mango Lassi and I choose tea tarik, it was the 4th glass of tea today. :D Look our life full of tea right, we just never paid attention to it.

So, Anya said ih her twitter

@sitikania: @sitilarissa @aswinrahadi @aliarahadi What a nice 14 hours of adventurous culinary journey! Super thankies!
You're welcome. Hopefully more culinary trip to come. And also more post of culinary trip :D


K99 Curry House
Pasteur Food Market
Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No. 139 (Next to Pertamina gas station)
Bandung, Indonesia
Ph. 022 912 60321, 089108158044
FB k99curryhouse@yahoo.com

K99 Curry House's Stall
Chapati, Naan, Briyani Rice
Mango Lassi
Very Exhausted but Happy!


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