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Sangrai Riau (Contributed by Ruben Juliarto)

This current publication is contributed by Ruben, one of my close friend at SBM-ITB. Look forward for your other publications in our blog bro!

Went here today to eat my quick lunch with my friend, and Cianjur chicken porridge was my order. Anyway I forget to make picture of it. Sorry :). Usually this Cianjur porridge is served with coconut milk so it will taste more savory. The portion is too small if you eat a lot. But no worry, this food corner offer you many food and dishes. You can order other menu here such as: Batagor (fried crispy snack with peanut sauce), lotek (steamed vegetables also with peanut sauce), traditional hot-or-cold drinks (bandrek, bajigur, cingcau), and many more. A few days ago, I visited this place also because of Nasi Sangrai voucher issued by Disdus. That day we ordered Nasi Sangrai Ubi and Nasi Sangrai Pandan. Each rice was served as sundanese meal, with tempe and tofu, sayur asem (sour vegetables soup), fried meat, and raw vegetables. Nasi Ubi the one with violet color is less preferable than Green Nasi Pandan. If you start drooling over, than please go to Jalan Riau in Heritage factory outlet.

Jl. Riau no. 63 Bandung

Nasi Sangria Ubi

Nasi Sangria Pandan


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