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Indian Food for Lunch? Why not, it's K99 Curry House

That day I was planning to go to my parents house, but somehow I had to fix the chair of our car because tomorrow we had to go to Jakarta. So, I ended up at car repair shop on jalan Pasteur and had to wait for three hours until it was fixed, then I was walking to Giant and maybe had lunch at the food court. The interesting food in there only Grilled Durian, but I was too hungry and eating Durian while my stomach still growling, nope..bad idea.

 So, I remember about Tenno Ramen at Bandung Trade Centre (BTC) Food Court, it was just in front of the car repair shop, then when I was walking, I was catched by the banner of "Indian Food" at the uninteresting food court just before the gas station, so it was Indian food for lunch.

I recognized their banner and menu, I was guessing that it was the branch of the Indian Restaurant we've been gone before and yes..it is K99 Curry House. I ordered Chicken Briyani Hotplate for Rp. 30.000,- and the Indian Bru Coffee because I hadn't have my coffee this morning for Rp. 40.000,-. It was good! I really like the chicken curry...taste great!

The place was shabby and there's not many people here and I didn't know why they opened their branch here. I thought the one near Pasteur - Surya Sumantri junction was closed, but the waiter said they're not and they planned to move to jalan Otten. Wow...great, since I love this Indian restaurant, I was happy that they opened the restaurant much closer.

So, I still think that K99 Curry House is the best Indian food I ever had. If you are living or in Bandung, just try this Indian food, it is worth trying...

Enjoy the imported original Indian Spices and all the food is 100 % halal and no beef!!

K99 Curry House
Pasteur Food Market
Jl. Dr. Djunjunan No. 139 (Next to Pertamina gas station)
Bandung, Indonesia
Ph. 022 912 60321, 089108158044
FB k99curryhouse@yahoo.com

The Signage
The Food Court Location
Their Banner

The Food Court #1

The Food Court #2

The Food Court #3
The K99 Curry House Stall
The Menu
Chicken Briyani Hotplate
Indian Bru Coffee


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