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(Culinary) Trip around Bandung with Christa: Braga Permai

The second place we've visited in one day culinary trip around Bandung with Christa is to go to Braga area. We are planning to visit Sumber Hidangan, but since they have quite weird opening time (can't blame them. The owner and shopkeeper might already be as old as the store itself :D), we've decided to visit Braga Permai.

There's a funny thing happened during our walking trip to Braga from Warung Kopi Purnama. It turned out on that very same day, (almost) all of Junior High School students from all around Bandung are assigned to interview a foreigner, with the deadline on the next day! So, in an instance Christa has become a quite celebrity in the area. Four groups of Junior High School students has managed to interview her + one group of very nice old ladies offered Christa to visit their house (as she reminded her of her old friend from Holland).

About the food in Braga Permai, it was as great as ever. The Ice Cream was special, and the Croquette and Bitterballen reminds Christa of her home country (although she keeps telling us, the only thing she really missed during her trip to Indonesia is her boyfriend :D). With this we managed to skip lunch just with a pile of great Ice Cream and snacks :).


Braga Permai
Jl. Braga
Bandung - Indonesia

The Signage

Christa being Interviewed

The Restaurant #1

The Restaurant #2

The Menu

Bitter Ballen and Croquette

The Original Coke

Hawaiian Queen #1

Hawaiian Queen #2

Peach Melba


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