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Rainbow Cupcake: A Gift for Your Loved Ones

One day I asked Aswin to buy whole wheat bread from Disini Bakery because nowadays I tried to change my eating habit into the healthy one. But, unfortunately they ran out the whole wheat bread, so Aswin bought regular white bread with even more unhealthy snack, The Rainbow Cupcake. Oh my God temptation is everywhere...

But, the cupcake ended up sitting in the refrigerator for almost 4 days...I guess, maybe even more. So, that's why today I had breakfast with this rainbow cupcake. Well, the taste of cake from Disini Bakery always superb, I think it is the mini version of rainbow cake, only the cheese cream on the top of it.

And actually, the packaging of the cupcake kind of cute and it can be used as a gift for your loved ones. So, when you want to surprise your wife/husband or boyfriend/girlfriend, or even your son/daughter, you can buy this rainbow cupcake and imagine the happy smile on their face when they see it.

That's what I did when Aswin gave it to me. So, rainbow cupcake anyone?

The Rainbow Cupcake

The Cute Packaging


The Beautiful Color of The Cupcake (Source: Disini Bakery)


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