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(Culinary) Trip around Bandung with Christa: Kedai Kopi Mata Angin

The last place we've visited in the culinary trip around Bandung with Christa is the Kedai Kopi Mata Angin. It is a Coffee Shop where usually adventurer and traveler (mostly nature traveler) gathered in Bandung. We are here for their famous Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee). Two reasons why we choose this place: one is because of their cheap price (Rp 45k ~ US$ 5, compared with the whooping Rp 150k ~ US$ 17 if you buy it in coffee shop chain) and because of their charcoal cooking method for boiling the water, which gives a different aroma to the coffee. Their Civet bean comes from Lampung, Sumatera with some said as one of the best places in Indonesia where they produce the beans.

We just found out that the best way to enjoy Kopi Luwak is by chewing a rock sugar first, and then drinking the coffee, instead of mixing the sugar into the coffee. It was said because this method will brings out the flavor of the coffee if you want to enjoy it with sugar. Besides Kopi Luwak, they also serves coffee from around Indonesia which are all very good. One particular coffee that I liked here is the Coffee infused with Pandan leaves. 

So the next time you want to try a quality and good coffee with good environment and great price, just visit this coffee shop. Enjoy!

Kedai Kopi Mata Angin
Jl. Bengawan (next to Auntie's Pantry, in front of Bebek Ayoyo)
Bandung - Indonesia
Email: kedaikopimataangin@gmail.com
Facebook: Kedai Kopi Mata Angin
Website: http://kedaikopimataangin.blogspot.com
Twitter: @KopiMataAngin

The Signage

The Exterior

The Menu

Christa and Luwak Coffee

Coffee and Milk infused with Pandan Leaves

The Charcoal Kettle

The Coffee

The Kitchen

Facilities Provided Here


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