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Tahu Sumedang in Bandung: Tahu Sukaati

Craving for some Tahu Sumedang in Bandung?

We've been posting about Tahu Sukaati,  the street vendor you can find on the entrance to Batununggal Indah Estate or on jalan Waas. Actually, the factory is not far from there, around 1 km and of course it is on jalan Sukaati.

The place was shabby and the typical of street vendor or warung, but like every food writer said that often great foods come from that kind of place, because they had the spirit that restaurant lack to have. It also come in reasonable price, the tahu itself cost Rp. 500,-/pcs and lontong is Rp. 1000,- So, we bought 40 tahu and 5 lontong and it only Rp. 25.000,-

The taste is delicious, it isn't so different with the one we have in Sumedang. So, we often bought tahu Sumedang in here, because we're sucker for tahu and couldn't imagine if we have to go to Sumedang just to buy it.

Want to try tahu Sumedang that contain milk in it, just read our post about Tahu Susu Cihanjuang, a little bit too far, but it is worth it!


Tahu Sumedang Sukaati
Jl. Sukaati

Warung Tahu Sumedang Sukaati

Seating Area in Front of The Warung
Cooking Quarter
The One and Only Tahu Sumedang Packaging
Tahu, Lontong and Susu Kedelai (Soy Milk)


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