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Reunion at The Kiosk Pasar Dago

My university friend, Ocha, who is living in Denhaag, Holland, was coming to Bandung last Wednesday. So, we were having 'reuni dadakan' with other our friends who still in Bandung, Ramala and Luki. So, I think The Kiosk is the best place to meet with people from outside of Bandung, especially from abroad because there's a range of Bandung special food in one place, such as lotek, ketan bakar, mie kocok, etc.

It has been a while since we're going here because there always new eating place in Bandung every week and The Kiosk kind of forgotten. Before we came there, we picked up, actually kidnapped Ramala from her workplace because she had a deadline. The traffic that afternoon was horrible maybe because the day after that was the first day of long weekend in Indonesia. So, it was quite packed but it  was lucky for us there's empty parking spot just in front of the building.

After we arrived, we were really not that hungry, but I guess we kind of overwhelmed so we ordered so much even before Ocha came. There's gorengan from Simanalagi, tahu gejrot, and ketan bakar. For our early dinner, I picked lotek (spicy one!) and timun suri ice with orange, Aswin had fried rice and ice tea, Ramala ordered affogato. After Ocha came, there were array of foods  but we didn't have the chance to take the pictures, because maybe we were amaze by how her son cuteness or maybe because he was so active :) So, after that we also had our friend, Luki, who was known for Batik Fractal, decided to came and gave us a little time in all his business.

So,  Enjoy!

The Kiosk Pasar Dago
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda
Bandung - Indonesia


Tahu Gejrot

Ketan Bakar

Nasi Goreng



Timun Suri Ice with Orange

Say Cheese!!


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